September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month. At The Good Dog Spot, we know how much you love your pets and how important being a responsible pet parent is!  As we head into fall, here are 5 ways you can continue to provide the best care for your dog and be a responsible dog owner.


Regular Check-ups with a Veterinarian


 Just like humans, dogs need to have quality medical care to make sure they are healthy. Make sure to have your dog attend annual visits with the veterinarian. You can schedule visits outside of the annual checkup as well. Your veterinarian will make sure your dog is healthy and look for any concerns. They will also keep your dog up to date on any vaccinations. The vaccination policy at The Good Dog Spot requires only the rabies vaccine per Massachusetts law however we suggest having a conversation with your vet about what other vaccinations make sense for your pet based on your beliefs and your lifestyle.


Get Regular Exercise for Responsible Dog Ownership


A regular exercise routine for your pet is a hallmark of responsible dog ownership. Dogs thrive on daily walks and other kinds of exercise. It’s why we offer plenty of opportunities for our dogs to run and play at our Dog Daycare! Some benefits of regular exercise for dogs include:


  •       Reduce excess energy
  •       Maintain a healthy weight
  •       Lower the chance of health issues
  •       Combat anxiety


Keeping up with your dog’s daycare visits ensures they stay as healthy as possible.  Adding in our Trick of the Month program keeps them mentally stimulated as well!


Watch out for Fall Weather Concerns


As we move into fall, there are safety concerns to keep in mind. Since much of responsible dog ownership involves keeping your dog safe, this is important to consider. While there’s a lot to love about fall, look out for seasonal hazards such as parasites, mushrooms, cold and damp weather and increase in darkness due to shorter days.  Check your dog’s coat regularly for fleas and ticks as these pesky parasites are more prevalent and try to find ways to keep warm as the cooler weather sets in. 


Offer High-Quality Food/Nutrition


A well-balanced, nutritious diet is a major component of preventative medicine in both humans and animals. Proper nutritional support energizes your dog, keeps them regular, and allows them to continue to grow healthy and strong. Learn to read the ingredient listing on your pet’s food and do plenty of research.  We like Dog Food Advisor as a way to stay on top of pet nutrition and be alerted to recalls on both pet food and treats.  You want to be certain your pet’s food is AAFCO certified. The first ingredient in the food should be a specific meat/protein source (chicken or beef vs. animal product). Stay away from foods where cereal-grains make up the primary ingredients. Avoid foods with lots of preservatives, color-additives and common allergens such as corn, wheat and soy.  As a responsible dog owner, you know that your pet’s nutrition plays a big role in keeping them healthy. It’s a simple but vital part of taking care of your pet.


Responsible Dog Owners Follow a Grooming Schedule 


All dogs have certain grooming and hygiene needs. A consistent grooming schedule keeps your dog comfortable, healthy and clean. Many dogs enjoy the grooming process, which can lessen your stress as a dog owner. At The Good Dog Spot, we offer several grooming services you can choose from. There are several reasons to groom your pup consistently. Grooming your dog helps:


  • Prevent matting
  • Control shedding
  • Remove dandruff and dead hair
  • Be aware of any potential medical issues


You can address these issues and more by establishing a grooming routine both at home and at The Good Dog Spot.


Call The Good Dog Spot


At The Good Dog Spot, we support and help our pet families to thrive in all areas. Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month and call for information about our grooming, dog daycare, or other pet care services. 


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