It might be dental health month, but protecting your pup’s teeth should be part of a year-long routine. Here are a few tips and things you should know about your pet’s smile. 

Get Yearly Cleanings 

You should brush your pet’s teeth at least 2-3 times per week at home. It is also recommended that you get a professional dental cleaning for your pet at least once per year. This will help protect your furry friend from painful gums and protect their teeth. Work with your pet’s veterinarian to determine the proper schedule. 


Ways To Protect Your Dog’s Teeth At Home

Beyond cleaning and brushing, there are a few ways you can protect your dog’s teeth at home.  Getting the right food and toys for your pet can make a huge difference. 


1.) Get Chew Toys That Help With Oral Health. 

While some dog toys can hurt your dog’s teeth, some are available that will contribute to your dog’s oral health. First, look for nonabrasive toys that have a VOHC seal. 


2.) Get The Right Dog Food.

Dry food is better for your dog’s teeth than wet food (though the occasional treat won’t hurt). Dry food helps scrape away tartar. Your veterinarian can help you pick the right food that will help your dog maintain good oral health. 


3.) Get Dental Chews And Sprays 

Dental chews are a tasty treat for your dog, but also help protect their teeth. They help minimize tartar and help your dog’s teeth shine. Dental chews also support healthy gums. Dental sprays kill bacteria and will also help with stinky breath. They are easy to use and only require that your dog doesn’t eat for a bit after you use the spray.


4.) Get A Fresh Breath Treatment

We offer a 2-step treatment that will kill the germs and bacteria that cause bad breath, while also giving your dog a fresh breath spray! If you would like to treat your pet (and your nose) to this treatment we can’t wait to see your pup! 


Why Is Dog Dental Care So Important?

If you do not take proper care of your pet’s teeth, bacteria and oral pain can occur, entering the bloodstream and entering your pup’s vital organs. This can make your dog very sick. By simply scheduling routine cleanings and using some of the tips above, you can help keep your best friend’s teeth healthy and shiny. We also provide teeth cleaning services for your pup, so schedule an appointment today!