December is the prime time for travel, and as a pet owner, you probably are looking for holiday pet travel tips. Whether going on a plane, in a car or just leaving for a few hours, figuring out what to do with your pets can be challenging. It takes extra planning to ensure your furry friends are well cared for before, during, and after your travel plans. This season, make sure you are ahead of the game by following these holiday pet travel tips.


Research Pet-Friendly Options


Take the following steps ahead of time to minimize stress and ensure a good fit for your pet. First, it’s helpful to be familiar with the location you’re traveling to. The first tip is relevant if you take your pet with you. Research pet-friendly options at your destination or nearby. Confirm that pets are allowed if you’re planning to stay at a hotel or vacation rental. When you book airline travel, make sure to check on pet availability. Finally, plan out stops for your pets for long car rides as much as possible.


Plan Ahead at Destination


Making sure everything is set at your travel destination will make your pet feel as comfortable as possible. For example, is the destination safe and accessible for your pets? Will your pup have easy access to an outdoor space? If you have indoor cats, will there be a system to keep them from going outside? Are family and friends comfortable with your pets? Does anyone have allergies? These are essential questions when planning to travel with your pets this holiday season.


Know Your Pet’s Stress Levels


Many dogs can get stressed when they travel. You can avoid potential issues by understanding your pet’s propensity to get stressed. If you have an anxious pet, keep that in mind when planning travel. Signs your pet may be stressed include: 


  • Whining 
  • Growling
  • Pacing
  • Unusual body language
  • Tucked ears
  • Shaking
  • Loss of appetite and stomach problems


Some pets suffer from anxiety on a more general level, which means they are also more likely to experience stress during travel. If you know your dog is prone to travel-related anxiety, you may want to consider alternatives. Boarding your pet in a safe place like The Good Dog Spot is a great option in these cases and promotes pet wellness. 


Board Your Pet


If you are looking for a safe place to board your pet while you are out of town for the holidays, we offer boarding options in a fun environment. While you travel, we provide a special environment for your dog or cat to socialize, enjoy fun activities, and even have some holiday meals. You can trust that we will treat your pet as if they are our own, and they won’t be overwhelmed by travel-related anxiety. Booking is a great choice for any pet, especially those who get stressed during travel. Our Good Dog Spot locations are open for boarding between December 24-26 and December 31-January 2. Holiday ham and veggie meals are available for $4.99 per pup.

The Good Dog Spot provides a safe and fun environment to board your pets this holiday season. So make a reservation to board your pet for the holidays today.