It can be difficult to decide what the best training method is for your pet, especially with so many variations of training and so many opinions shared online.  Here at The Good Dog Spot, we believe in positive reinforcement training and find that it is a highly effective and influential way to train pets.

Positive reinforcement training is also known as force-free or reward-based training. The theory behind positive training is that you reward your dog for the good behaviors they are doing and ignore the bad ones. Simple, right? Not always. There is a lot of time, energy and commitment necessary to develop your pet, just like a child but it is well worth it!

During your positive reinforcement training, you are rewarding the good behaviors. There are many different reward options to choose and it depends on what the pet reacts to best.  Some common examples are a treat or toy, but even extra affection, attention and play is a reward to pets.

Some tips to apply during positive reinforcement training.

  • Always be consistent during your positive reinforcement training. Consistency is key to helping your pet understand what is being encouraged.
  • Start with very simple commands such as sit, down and stay. This will help them to not bark or jump on people because they do not get rewarded for those behaviors.
  • When you are teaching something new, increase the reward so your pet will want to repeat the new good behavior.
  • Be sure to reward the behavior immediately so it is understood what is being rewarded.
  • Start training early. As a puppy, they have not developed bad habits so instead of breaking bad habits which can be difficult, you are focusing on developing good ones.

We certainly understand that all pet training, including positive reinforcement training, can be difficult because of the consistency needed and the time involved during the training process; however, the benefits of having a well-behaved dog is well worth the training time needed to implement and teach good behavior. Positive reinforcement training is also great for strengthening the bond with your pet and increasing their confidence!


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