Did you know that there is very little scientific research confirming that dogs form friendships with other dogs?  Here at The Good Dog Spot, we definitely see friendships formed between our daycare dogs and find it interesting more research on this has not been done.

Many dogs have a set daycare schedule, so they see the same dogs regularly when they come.  Just like humans making friendships based on seeing the same people each week whether at work, the gym or other places with a set routine, we see the same with the dogs that come spend time with us.  In fact, we notice some dogs get excited when other dogs they are familiar with arriving and some play with the same dogs every time they come!

We also have observed that just like people, dogs have certain personalities and prefer the company of other dogs with similar personalities.  For example, a lot of the friendships formed at The Good Dog Spot are between dogs of similar breeds.  We notice Labradors and Golden Retrievers, for example, often become friends with each other because they have similar personalities and play styles.  Herding breed dogs also tend to play together.  And of course, there are many friendships formed between dogs of different breeds.  It’s so interesting watching the dogs form friendships with each other that last for years.

Creating dog friendships is one of the many reasons dog daycare is great for your dog.  While you are out of the house or away, your dog can spend time with his friends and play!

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